sexta-feira, 5 de agosto de 2011

Novo RPG de super-heróis Marvel

Margareth Weis Productions, que se especializou em RPGs licenciados (Leverage, Smallville, Supernatural...) acabou de adquirir a licença para o Universo Marvel, porém ao que parece, só os quadrinhos.

Tirado daqui:

Basic game in approximately February, with campaigns based around famous Marvel events.
Events will be in two formats: essential requiring basic rules and standalone versions.
"Don't expect it to be the same as our other stuff." Cam Banks
Working with Marvel publishing to make each event book stand beside existing graphic novels.
Possible event books: Secret War, Annihilation, Ultimates, Civil War.
Phone is dying so last #GenContweet for now. Marvel license is specifically for the comics.


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