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Três Novos Poderes Jedi para Star Wars D6 (New Jedi Powers SW D6)

Existem algumas habilidades descritas em material oficial que não encontrei em algumas listas de poderes Jedi.

Fiz uma adaptação destes poderes para o sistema D¨.

É importante ressaltar que este material NÃO É OFICIAL, cabendo à Disney o copyright da bagaça, atualmente, etc etc.

Fiz em inglês. Não por esnobismo, nem nada )meu ingês nem é tudo isso), mas para padronizar os termos.


Server Force
Required Power:  Dim Another’s Senses; Force Mastery
Control Difficulty: Very Difficult
Alter Difficulty: Very Difficult
Sense Difficulty: Very Difficult
Time to Use: One Hour

Effect: Using this power requires the spend of the total of force points and dark force points the targets may possue, plus 5 adictional force points. This power cannot be used by a jedi with any dark side points. Iff succefull, the target will no more be a “Force Sensitive”. This power is used to punish dark side character as na alternative to execution. A terget will not, by any way or trick, be able to receive or use “Force Points”.


                Alter Difficult: Modified by proximity. Each target can resist using Stamina -1D (minimum 1D). Each target requires above 1 require one extra Force Point.
                Required Power: Affect Mind
                Effect: This power was used in the Old Republic as a form to alter the equilibrium of the oponnent. In game terms.


Force Camouflage*
Control Difficulty: Moderate
Alter Difficuty: Difficulty
Required Powers: Absorve/ dissipate Energy and Redirect Energy
This power may be kept up
Effect: Several recordings from the Great Holocron cite a power know as Force Camouflage, wich renders a Force-user invisible to others. Althougt specific instructions and insights have yet to be rediscovered, it seems a Force Camouflage manipulates light as well as sound waves around a force sensitive. Althought this ability demands a great degree of energy and concentration than powers such Alter Mind, a sikill that also enables jedi to evade enemies. Actually this power is lost to the Jedi, but a unknow sith may be rediscovered na ancient holocron with instructions of how to use this power. This is not, a sith power, however. If a Jedi use this power to harm or kill someone, this lead to a dark side point. Not that a Sith would lose a night of dream because of it.
A jedi may “see” the “invisible” character with a moderate roll using “Sense Force”, or a Difficult roll using “Magnify Senses”.
System: Roll ALTER to iniciate the  camouflage. Roll Control to the number of turns that the camouflage is active. Each point over 15 is a turn. Using adicional Force Points permits another d6 turns (it can be rolled after the initial roll, but the camouflage must be active). Loss of concentration will turn this power out.


(Brega Presley)

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