quarta-feira, 16 de setembro de 2015

Hey Michael Beck! We Still Love You, Man!

And all the others "Warriors".

James Remar (Ajax)
Dorsey Wright (Cleon)
Brian Tyler (Snow)
David Harris (Cochise)
Terry Michos (Vermin)
Deborah V. Valkenburgh (Mercy)
Tom McKittery (Cowboy)

And Roger Hill, David "Wanto to Play?" Kelly, Marcelino Sanchez,  Lynne Thigpen (ouch what a voice!), and all the liszies, furies, boopers and on and on.

In Brazil, the book based on Sol Yurick masterpiece (I love this book, it´s still better and very diferent from the movie) have  fans.

Well, not like "Avengers", but is a very liked and remenbered movie.

In the name of your all local fans;

Thanks for all fun and memories 
and very good scenes, people!

Luther, in english:

And in portuguese:

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